How long will it take me to learn to trade?

We know that each person is unique as is their way of learning and approaching things. We also know that you probably want to take this unique opportunity to quit your job, travel, spend more time with your family and friends and be financially free. The rules you are about to learn in this course have a 80-90% win rate. However, you are the one who must put the work and the effort practicing the strategy (rules) repeatedly in order to improve your trading skill. We understand that not all of us have the same time available, for that reason this course provides you with all the information in a simple and fast personaized mentoring.

*Success in this profession depends on YOUR personal effort*

Do I need any experience in trading, economics or finance before acquiring the course?

No, our training methods are designed to make you learn how to trade the Forex market without having previous knowledge in trading at all. The classes and materials provided by this course are adapted from beginners who have no idea what trading is, to highly experienced traders who need to unlearn bad habits and relearn the right skills to be more profitable. In this course you will learn to read the charts as institutions do it. (banks, investment funds, governments, multinational companies etc.) Trading from 0% to 100%

How much money do I need to start investing in trading?

It is recommended to learn to operate the market in a simulated account until the person can follow the rules and become consistent in their trading first, then when the person reaches the consistency it can open an account with real money. The capital needed to start investing depends on the capital you have available and allows you to be disciplined following the strategy. Your capital can increase exponentially over time by applying the compound interest formula. Another option is to apply to a fund that sponsors you giving you money to trade for them with their money (you can make money with the money of others).