The mission of ADRIANA FOREX is to give the opportunity to men and women around the world to learn how to trade the forex market and achieve freedom. Forex give you the opportunity to achieve freedom in the following aspects:

  • Financial freedom: there is not a limit of how much profit you can make, and those profits can increase exponentially with the passing of time.
  • Freedom of time: because there is not a specific hour or time when you have to open a position in the market.
  • Freedom to travel: because we can trade from anywhere in the world.

    Change as many lives as possible teaching how to achieve financial freedom by operating the Forex market.



  • 12 Online classes
    Learn how to operate the financial market from 0% to 100%.
  • terminology
  • basic principles
  • risk management
  • correlations
  • The Strategy and more.
  • 1 weekly classes (LIVE TRADING)
    You will have access to a weekly live class where you go step by step (rule by rule) through the strategy analyzing the market and placing trades (Swing Trades and Day trades)
  • “Real time in real market”
  • 2 VIP Groups
    Be part of our VIP group with personalized attention 24/7, we are willing to help you solve your doubts and reinforce the knowledge learned in the previous classes.
  • Questions
  • Discussion
  • 5 Weekly Practical Laboratories
    We are with you in your learning process. The Main reason why traders fail in this industry is because they cannot recognize their mistakes and therefore, they do not accept and correct them. The Practice Labs are perfect to help you identify those mistakes that are not letting you get profitable in the charts. This will make your process faster and easier. All of us will analyze your trades regardless of whether they are good or not, the idea is always to improve our performance as traders. We will repeat the strategy step by step in order to improve your operation ON EVERY DETAIL.
  • Open from Monday to Friday.
  • Price : USD$700,00 6 months

    We will have an intensive private trading training and then I will follow you for 4 weeks and We will have a private session a week to help you adjust your trading plan and help you more closely with the last little details to become a trader.
  • Lifetime access to the trading course
  • 4 days of coaching 1 to 1
  • 1 meeting a week (for 4 weeks)
  • Only 4 members are accepted per month
  • USD $1.400,00

    This session is yours, either for the study of the advanced price action or if you want some tips that will help trough a meeting by zoom 1 to 1. We know that trading is not only about the charts, your mentality when analyzing the charts is important also, that's why we have these sessions to analyze a bit more thoroughly your trading style and we will give you some tips according to your personal situation to make this process easier learning

  • 90 minutes : USD$150
  • From 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (EST)
  • From 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (EST)